Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Molecular Biology - Cell Biology - Genomics - Proteomics - Protein Services


Geo Peptides offers custom services through our third party client. Through our services we offer nothing less then professional. We offer Molecular Biology , Cell Biology , Genomics, Proteomics and Protein services. Click below for the services we can assist you with:


Click the service below your would like to request. 

Gene Synthesis

Genotyping Services

Mutagenesis Services (Coming Soon)

Subcloning Services  (Coming Soon)


Bacterial System 

Yeast System (Coming Soon)

Baculovirius System NOW AVAILABLE!

Mammalian System (Coming Soon)

Peptide Synthesis (Now Available)

Custom Peptide Synthesis


The precise manipulation of recombinant DNA is fundamental to modern biological and drug development research.  Geo Peptides utilizes state of the art techniques to generate any DNA sequence you require. In addition to this, we provide site-directed mutagenesis, subcloning and genotyping services.