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Protein Services Bacterial System

The advantages of E. coli expression systems include low cost, high expression, ease of scale up, and short turnaround time. Our collection of more than 10 host strains and numerous expression vectors guarantees selection of the most efficient expression system. To increase protein solubility, expression levels, and ease of purification, multiple fusion/affinity tags are available. Our proprietary AIE technology allows high yields of toxic proteins. For insoluble proteins we have developed an effective protein refolding system consisting of 20 refolding buffers optimized with 9 parameters.  If large amounts of protein are required, we can produce and purify from cultures as large as 35-500 liters. Metabolic labeling with stable isotopes is also offered in the E. coli system.

Phase I: Gene Synthesis and Subcloning
We can take a customer provided cDNA or optimize and synthesize any desired coding sequence and subclone it into a large variety of prokaryotic expression vectors. Once cloned, all constructs are sequence verified.

Phase II: Pilot Protein Expression and Purification
Expression constructs can be transfected into any of a variety of E. coli strains and clones screened in small-scale pilot experiments to determine the best induction and expression conditions. Once expression conditions are optimized, we do a pilot scale purification to identify the most efficient purification procedure. 

Phase III: Protein Expression and Purification
We use our optimized conditions to scale up expression to one liter cultures. We access multiple purification strategies to isolate several milligrams of product at this stage. If larger quantities are required, we can scale up to 35-500L culture sizes. 

Purification Capabilities

Affinity Chromatography
Ni-NTA, Talon resin, Glutathione Sepharose, Heparin Sepharose, Streptavidin Sepharose, anti-Flag, Protein A, Protein G
Ion Exchange Chromatography
Mono-Q, Q Sepharose Fast Flow, Resource Q, Q Sepharose XL, ANX, DEAE Sepharose, SP Sepharose, CM Sepharose
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Phenyl and (CH2)n Sepharose
Size Exclusion Chromatography

Additional Services
Tag removal
Endotoxin Removal
Protein solublization and refolding
Metabolic labeling: Stable isotope labeling with 13C and 15N.

Quotation and Ordering

  • For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by email.
  • Orders can be placed by credit card online once the quotation and conformation email has been completed. 

Our customer service is available 24hours per day/7 days a week/365 days a year.

Protein Service Quotation Request Form
    For entering sequences, please use amino acid codes starting with the N-terminal and ending with the C-terminal
Aspartic Acid 
Glutamic Acid 
Ala (A)
Arg (R)
Asn (N)
Asp (D)
Cys (C)
Glu (E)
Gln (Q)
Gly (G)
His (H)
Ile (I)
Leu (L)
Lys (K)
Met (M)
Phe (F)
Pro (P)
Ser (S)
Thr (T)
Trp (W)
Tyr (Y)
Val (V)
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