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CJC-1295 NO DAC 2mg (MOD GRF 1-29) - 3 Pack

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Buy CJC-1295 NO DAC 2mg (MOD GRF 1-29) 3 Pack with free shipping of CJC-1295 NO DAC 2mg (MOD GRF 1-29) 3 Pack on orders over $150 at Geo Peptides.
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Buy CJC-1295 NO-DAC 2mg (MOD GRF 1-29) ( WITHOUT DAC ) - 3 Pack In the healthy human body, large amounts of growth hormone are stored in the pituitary. The cells within the pituitary release growth hormone in response to signaling by GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone), Ghrelin (of which GHRPs - Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides - are mimetics), and are inhibited from releasing these stores by Somatostatin. GHRH and Ghrelin act on different populations of somatotropes (GH releasing cells). GHRP/Ghrelin increases the number of somatotropes releasing GH but not the amount released by each cell; GHRH affects both the number of secreting cells and - more so - the amount they each secrete. [1] GHRH and Ghrelin are released in specific patterns that vary depending on event and environment: post-exercise, in response to slow wave sleep, in certain stages of life and physical development, and so on. Most people (even the diseased) continue to possess the ability to make GH in the pituitary. The problem is in the signaling of the pituitary to release it and make more. Even most people with diseases that affect growth hormone secretion retain the ability to continue to make GH in their pituitaries. The disease states and symptoms result, most typically, in altered (dysfunctional) GH release signaling and this also affects the ability of the pituitary to continue to make more GH. [2] Endogenous-type GHRH, which has a forty-four amino acid long chain (and a specific shape - thus making it a peptide as well as a hormone), has been marketed for the longest as Sermorelin in comparison to the other GHRH-type peptides. However, Sermorelin has been demonstrated to be degraded rapidly in the body and is cost-inefficient. But because most patients in need of GH therapy do retain the ability to produce and secrete their own GH, treatment with a GHRH-type analog remained hypothetically preferable to exogenous GH treatment. GH itself when administered exogenously results not only in "unnatural" release patterns, it results universally in down regulation of endogenous GH production - as do many hormones when applied exogenously.[3] Sermorelin's limitations naturally resulted in a variety of formulations of GHRH analogs for therapeutic usage. CJC-1295, discussed in another article, is a GHRH analogue with attached MPA (aka DAC), binds to albumin in the bloodstream and circulates for a week or longer. Modified GRF 1-29, which is also called D-Ala2-GHRH-(1-29), [Nle27]-hGHRH(1-29)-NH2, GHRH (1-29)NH2, or ModGRF1-29, is the bioactive portion of GHRH(1-44) with fifteen amino acids subtracted and four amino acids replaced at the weakest points in the peptide structure. CAS NO. 863288-34-0 Synonyms: CJC-1295 without DAC, CJC 1295 w/o DAC - 3 Pack Molecular Weight: 3367.97 Appearance: White Powder Country of manufacture: USA

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