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Ketotifen Fumarate 1mg X 30ml

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Buy Liquid Ketotifen Fumarate from GEO PEPTIDES with quick delivery and free shipping of Ketotifen Fumarate 1mg on orders over $150. Testing under additional informational tab.
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Ketotifen Fumarate 1mg Ketotifen Fumarate is a second-generation noncompetitive H1-antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer. It is most commonly sold in as a salt of fumaric acid, ketotifen fumarate, and is available in two forms. In its ophthalmic form, it is used to treat allergic conjunctivitis,[1] or the itchy red eyes caused by allergies. In its oral form, it is used to prevent asthma attacks. Side effects include drowsiness, weight gain, dry mouth, irritability, and increased nosebleeds.The drug is marketed as ophthalmic solutions under the brand names Zaditor/Zaditen (Novartis)[2], Alaway (Bausch and Lomb), Zyrtec Itchy-Eye Drops, and Claritin Eye. A generic version of Novartis' Zaditor, ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic solution, 0.025%, is available from Perrigo and distributed as store brands. Buy Liquid Ketotifen Fumarate 1mg

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